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Diet For Weight Training

Having trained as a power lifter since age 14, Ukraine’s Sergey Konyushok was a former member of the national power lifting team and a winner of several national tournaments. Since 2003, Sergey has taken part in numerous Strongman program world championships on his path to becoming a famous, mediarecognized athlete in his home country. He even took part in four popular TV projects Patriots’ Games and worked as a host in Fitness with Konyushok. At present, Sergey is a graduate student at the University of Physical Studies and Sports (Kiev), is writing a dissertation and is devoted to nutrition supplements.

Sergey Konyushok has broken 13 world records seince using the Herbalife Nutrition Programme. For example, the farmer walk world record in the under 105kg category. He stresses the value of micronutrients in his weight training diet as well the macronutrients. Favourite products include Herbalife Formula 1, Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex and Xtra-Cal.

The diet for weight training incorporates protein, carbohydrates as you would expect but also fibre a key element of the diet plus micronutrients such as B Vitamins.

Herbalife 24 is the world’s first nutrition program that can be personally tailored by each elite athlete – and it can take training, performance and recovery to the next level. See how you can customise your programme based on the type of activity, intensity and duration.

Fitness Instructor Using Herbalife 24

“These are by far the best products you can put in your body period. All natural condensed nutrients. Tested for banned substances . I am 6’3 182lbs 5% body fat. Started off at 9.6% body fat and drop 2% and 4lbs in 3 weeks when I started on my nutrition plan.

Always remember you can workout all day everyday. But if you nutrition is not right. Your really wasting your time. Herbalife  24 products will take you where you need to be and then some”

Diet For Fitness – Herbalife 24

Herbalife is introducing a brand new line of nutrition products for athletes and those looking to improve their fitness. Known as Herbalife 24™, this new range of products is a science-based performance nutrition line consisting of seven premium products designed to meet the needs of the 24-Hour Athlete™, and anyone who lives a healthy, active life.

Being an athlete is a lifestyle and one that requires dynamic nutrition that adapts to your training schedule. With Herbalife 24™ Herbalife has created a performance nutrition program that can be customized based on your body’s specific needs as they change day by day.

Contact us on 01442 828126 or via support@dietforfitness.co.uk for more details.